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Qingdao Unicom high voltage DC PDU

product manual

The data center power distribution system safely and reliably allocates power from mains, generators, and UPS to relevant loads. Therefore, the data center power distribution system should be planned and designed according to the following points:

1. Feasibility: The distribution system is a complex that accepts and distributes electrical energy. Its composition is affected by many factors such as space, temperature, and humidity. The distribution system must be considered for its feasibility.

2, reliability, power supply reliability refers to the uninterrupted power supply system reliability. Different reliability should be guaranteed according to the load level. When designing, double accidents are not considered.

3, security flexibility, the power supply system of the line should ensure that the normal operation and accidents, operation and maintenance convenient, safe and reliable operation and maintenance. To this end, the lines should be simplified, and the level of power supply and operating procedures should be reduced.

4. Economicality: The power distribution scheme should strive to be simple under the premise of satisfying the production requirements and ensuring the quality of power supply, so as to reduce the investment and operating costs and improve the power supply security.

5, forward-looking, power distribution plan should ensure easy development in the future, while meeting the needs of the phased construction.

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