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Three-phase PDU

Rated voltage: 380VAC

Input current: 25A

Output format: IEC320 sta

ndard C13 automatic recovery anti-drop socket[24]

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1. Rated voltage: 380VAC

2. Input current: 25A

3. Output format: IEC320 standard C13 automatic recovery anti-drop socket[24]; IEC320 standard C19 metal anti-drop socket[8];

4 with a hot-swappable RS485 dual serial three-phase meter (to PDU total current, voltage, power,

Electric energy for local/remote detection and viewing; preset alarm value to improve safety protection

5. 32A three-phase industrial plug + OT junction box input junction box input, PDU power supply can be directly from the superior column headstock to take power, reduce the connection point,

Improve reliability.

6. Industrial-grade high-strength aluminum alloy shell, surface electrostatic spray treatment, the appearance of the atmosphere, elegant.

7. Internal wiring: Copper strips are integrated and the whole copper rods are connected through the socket units. The contact points are soldered.

There is no break point in the middle, and the flow rate is large, which ensures that the internal connection of the PDU is safe and reliable as a whole.

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