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Sinway China Science and technology

Shenzhen Sinway South Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the complete solution of the data center energy system. It is committed to providing the safe and reliable distribution equipment for the customers, and provides the optimal solution for various distribution application scenarios. At present, the company's products have covered all the power units in the data center. It includes intelligent distribution cabinet, precision column cabinet, intelligent bus system, and a full range of PDU. In the intelligent distribution system of the data center, we construct the basic unit of the energy network, and carry out the intelligent management of the data center energy system through the interconnection and intercommunication of the intelligent distribution unit, and realize the energy and material network of the data center.

Service purposes

Customer first, quality first, service quality, timely response. "My company has always believed that the success of our customers is our success. For each customer, we have to detail

Understand and analyze the different needs of customers and the environment, to provide them with the most complete technical solutions and excellent after-sales service.

We provide users with a full range of technical support and after-sales service, and provide the best service response time.

Phone support

24 hours to provide technical support and services (except national statutory holidays and holidays); during holidays, rest days or off duty, the user can contact technical support staff via mobile phone or email, we ensure that the user's problem at any time Can get timely response.

on-site support

For problems that can not be solved by telephone, we sent engineers to the site to solve the problems for the users. The specific response times are as follows: For "local" users, the on-site response time is less than 2 hours; for "overseas" users, the on-site response time is 6 Within hours. The so-called "local" refers to the user's location with my company's branch or business partner with my company, "foreign" refers to the user's location without my company's technical support and after-sales service personnel.

Equipment maintenance and replacement

For equipment determined by the engineer to have a hardware failure, we provide spare parts for replacement to ensure that the project unit's maintenance requirements are met within 24 hours.

Service supervision and management mechanism

Our company provides technical support and after-sales service, the implementation of strict supervision and management mechanism, if the company's technical service staff are not satisfied or not according to the contract service standards to provide the appropriate service, you can directly feedback to the company headquarters. At this point, the headquarters will arrange more senior technical service personnel until the company is responsible for leading and going to the site to satisfactorily solve the problem.