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Review – Saints Row IV (PC)

Saints Row IV 11

You know things are going to be crazy when, in the very first mission, you find yourself infiltrating a terrorist base and after failing to stop the launch of a nuclear missile, you jump aboard it and attempt to disable it in mid-air. And then you’re the President of the United States. But before you’re properly settled in to the Oval Office, Earth is attacked by the Zin Empire and its leader, Zinyak, and you and the Saints are abducted.

Saints Row IV doesn’t waste time in turning things up to eleven, that’s for sure.

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The Brocast Episode 16 – July Edition

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Yes, it’s that time again, time for another episode of The Brocast! This time, Ben and newcomer Justin (the other Justin, whom you may remember from early episodes of the GUFU Late Nite Show) try to convince our Editor in Chief that DOTA 2 is totally worth playing, we’ll talk about Animal Crossing: New Leaf, our short-lived Minecraft hardcore server, DmC: Devil May Cry and Ben’s favorite game of the forever, the Japan-only Earth Defense Force 4. So join Ben, Justin, Justin and your host Gagan on the latest episode of The Brocast.


Backlog Review – Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012)

NFS13 2013-03-19 20-31-47-25

Have we been here before? I could swear we’ve been here before. That name, Need for Speed Most Wanted, is so familiar… Ah yes, now I remember. Another open world racing game by the same name was released…almost eight years ago now. But the new Most Wanted stumbles off the line in ways its earlier namesake and many of its predecessors do not and is rather difficult to recommend because of it.

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State of Decay

Review – State of Decay (Xbox 360)

It’s easy to look at State of Decay and react with “Ugh, another zombie game? Really?” This is very much a zombie game in its aesthetic and setting, and trust me, it will definitely cover some zombie apocalypse tropes. State of Decay, however, is something genuinely unique in a genre of games that are desperate for something unique. It’s a survival game with a heavy sense of “real.” Melee weapons degrade, your characters grow tired, and death is a permanent punishment for messing up. It’s an ingenious little experiment in the genre, and it’s a type of experiment that frankly really could only come from the indie scene.

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Review – Divekick (PC)

Oh Divekick, I want to love you, but you keep making it hard on me. And just when I think I’m ready to dislike you; you remind me why I think you’re so endearing. What either started as a joke or a crazy idea has manifested into this clever little two-button fighting game known as Divekick. It is one part parody, and another part example of just how much nuance there is to a fighting game. Building a game around one type of move may seem shallow (and it is), but the game is a showcase of just how much goes into that one move, especially when it’s down to the wire.

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