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The Brocast Episode 15 – The Last of Us Spoilercast Edition

The GUFUyourself Podcast Crew is back with episode 15 of The Brocast. Episode 15 is a special The Last of US Spoilercast edition so if you’ve yet to play The Last of Us (and you really should), I would advise that you do not listen to this podcast until you’ve finished it because we spoil virtually every important detail of The Last of Us’ storyline.

If you have finished The Last of Us (or you simply don’t care about having major plot details spoiled) settle down into a comfy seat and join Justin “The Boss” McBride, Will “It’s Pronounced Burger” Borger, recently published author, Christopher “Straight Out of” Compton and Gagan (The Host) Singh for the latest episode of The Brocast.