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GUFUyourself Brocast Episode 14 – Post E3 Press Conferences Edition

The GUFUyourself Brocast crew is back with our thoughts on the big 3 and how they did at E3. Chris shares how he got that special feeling for Kingdom Hearts, Justin tries to hide his sorrow, Brian becomes a celebrity, and I tell you why Nintendo totally under delivered. So yeah, basically Chris and Brian were there to drown out our bitching.


The Game Pricing Debacle

Author’s Note: This article was written three months ago when the PS4 was first announced. However, with the current situation with the Xbox One, the points in this article are even more relevant.

The next generation of gaming consoles is nearly here, and people are preparing to pay big bucks on new hardware. However, what is more concerning than the price of the hardware itself is the new standard price of retail games. Nintendo has finally raised their game prices to $60 (along with $300+ for the console itself), but how much will Sony and Microsoft raise their game prices (if there’s going to be a price hike at all). A few weeks ago, Sony gave us some comforting news that PlayStation 4 games will have a wide variety of game prices, from $0.99 to $60. It seems like Sony doesn’t plan to raise game prices for PS4 games, however, EA has other plans. During their next-generation press conference this week, EA announced they expect game prices rising to $70 on the PS4 and the next Xbox. If that’s not bad enough, EA also announced that they’ll be implementing their controversial micro-transaction system in every game they release in the future

Mark Cerny shrug

This image will never get old

Gaming has always been criticized for being an expensive hobby and practices like those above aren’t helping matters much. Many find it ludicrous to pay hundreds of dollars for a game console and then have to pay $50 or more for each new game. Some were able to get around this via game rentals and borrowing games from friends but the expensive stigma remains. Despite this, things are looking bright for gaming in the digital space, with smartphone and social gaming bringing new people to experience and appreciate gaming as well as digital stores such as Steam and premium services such as PlayStation Plus providing “hardcore” games at cheap and reasonable prices.

But for the traditional gaming industry, things don’t look so bright. Game sales at retailers have been decreasing year after year, with some game developers failing because their games haven’t sold as much as they needed to break even, much less make a profit. Due to the poor economy, people are spending less on games, and if game publishers are expecting customers to pay $60 for a game and even more on downloadable content on top of that, it’s no surprise that people are switching to cheaper alternatives with mobile gaming, or at the very least, sticking to game franchises that they are familiar with. In order for such a market to keep its relevancy, the industry needs to change in the following ways:

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GUFUyourself Brocast Episode 13 – Pre E3 Edition

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The GUFUyourself Brocast Crew is back with Episode 13 of the GUFUyourself Brocast, this time devoted to our hopes and wishes for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short). Expectations are running high as Microsoft and Sony prepare to unveil their upcoming game lineups for their next generation consoles to be released this holiday. Nintendo, with its head start on the next generation console race, has to make a strong case for the Wii-U in order to contend with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. So join Justin, Tomas, Christopher, Brian (sorry I forgot you in the first version of this post!!! – Ed.) and your host, Gagan for this special edition of the GUFUyourself Brocast.

And we apologize in advance for the opening three minutes.

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GUFUyourself Brocast Episode 12 – Xbox One Reveal

Join the GUFUyourself Brocast crew as we share our input on the Xbox One reveal after everything has had time to marinate. From all of the television references to Microsoft’s blundering PR department we tackle it all in this latest episode of the Brocast. We also tackle the human condition, the NFL’s relevance to society, and Tomas continues to like terrible things. So sit down, grab a beer, and enjoy the show. Oh and we apologize for talking about Forza. Except for Justin, because he’s boring.

I am NOT boring and Forza Motorsport 5 is an excellent game that we need to talk about and will do great things for society upon its release. Because race car. – Ed.


Backlog Review – The Darkness II

Far from hot on the heels of its predecessor, The Darkness II is a follow-up to 2007’s The Darkness, a first person shooter that launched to pretty favorable reviews due to its gritty, noir-esque presentation, good narrative, interesting characters and, of course, the game’s titular Darkness powers, which helped it stand out in the overpopulated shooter genre. With a new developer at the helm, The Darkness II builds upon its predecessor with a new presentation and a new set of Darkness powers in tow.

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