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Review – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Xbox 360, Playstation 3)

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is the latest game in the long standing Metal Gear series, and while it doesn’t share the “Solid” moniker, the standard for top notch cutscenes, voice over, and gameplay can all be found here. This latest entry however is not developed by the Kojima Productions team, but by independent developer Platinum Games. Metal Gear Solid Rising (later changed to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) was announced at 2009 and afterward sank into the shadows for years until it reemerged at the VGAs in 2011.

It came to light later that the game had been in development hell at the hands of Kojima Productions, who weren’t sure how to turn their “Cut and Take” mechanic into a proper action game. Instead, Hideo Kojima contacted Platinum Games (makers of critically acclaimed action games Bayonetta, and Vanquish) to see if they were interested in working on the title. How could they refuse the chance to work on a series as highly regarded as Metal Gear Solid? They couldn’t and as it turns out, it was a perfect fit.

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Review – Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)


Fire Emblem Awakening is another well-made game in the Fire Emblem franchise that lives up to the grand history of this series. After all, it was a little over 20 years ago this series laid out the blue print for the Strategy RPG genre. The rock-paper-scissors gameplay that Fire Emblem has become known for is as strong and timeless as ever and the relationship building mechanic can still yield some wonderful rewards. Awakening is a game that is willing to mess with the formula enough to add a bell here or a whistle there but what it doesn’t do is give the series a much needed facelift. Thus, what we have here is a very safe entry to the series but an easily tolerated one given how well all these gameplay elements hold up.

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The Playstation 4 Reveal in a Nutshell

On Wednesday, Sony announced to the world that they aren’t fully dead yet and decided to release the Playstation 4, the long-awaited heir to the Sony throne, in which many hope will rule the gaming landscape once again. For those who missed the showing and don’t want to read through 50 million articles that say the exact same thing or read through a bunch of fanboyish bliss on forums, here’s a quick recap of the event…

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Late To The Party: Shadows of the Damned Review


When the super duo of Shinji Mikami and Suda51 hooked up back in 2005, gamers were given Killer 7, an absurd, cel-shaded, on-rails gaming experience that had style in spades. So, when you heard this team was making another game about a demon hunter in Hell and the composer of this game would be Akira Yamoaka, how could you not be interested?

Shadows of the Damned ends up an experience you might not have expected, but not necessarily in the best way. This is a third person action game in the vein of most third person action games following Resident Evil 4, namely over-the-shoulder shooting in mostly linear environments. On the flip side you’ll have never experienced a hell quite like this. In this hell, when the darkness is trying to suffocate you, the only course of action is shooting a goat head. In this hell, your talking gun has a sex hotline that turns him into The Big Boner.


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GUFUyourself Brocast Episode 10 – Sony Conference Wrapup Edition

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That’s right, just as we promised, we have not one but TWO episodes of the Brocast to share with you this week, this one focusing on reporting our thoughts on the See the Future media event that took place earlier this week, during which, as we guessed, the PlayStation 4 was finally revealed. Well, sort of. The console itself was nowhere to be seen and we don’t have an official price tag just yet but having shown off a few of the games that will be greeting us in the future, namely Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son, as well as confirming many of the rumors surrounding the console’s hardware, Sony has left gamers a lot to chew on in the months leading to E3.

So join Justin, Aljosa K, Phillip and your host Gagan for Episode 10 of the GUFUyourself Brocast!

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GUFUyourself Brocast Episode 9 – Pre Sony Conference Edition

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Allegedly on this episode of the GUFUyourself Brocast, the crew (Gagan, Justin, Chris, and William) talk about Bungie’s Destiny, some not so flattering stuff about Gearbox and a whole lot of cynicism about the upcoming Sony event. So join us before Sony’s See The Future event tomorrow and listen to our thoughts on the alleged reveal of the new Playstation and the state of the next generation of consoles as a whole.