Justified – Where’s Waldo Review

Hello everyone. I’m gonna be doing more episodic reviews of TV shows I’ll be watching this year, and Justified will be one of them. I wanted to do one for the season premiere, but I couldn’t do that due to being in a car wreck. Wonderful. So while I will focus specifically on Where’s Waldo, I will probably comment on things they started in the season premiere.

Where’s Waldo will be remembered for a handful of really good scenes, specifically the one dealing with the truths. Art and Tim (who weren’t in the season premiere) would join Raylan as the started searching for one Waldo Truth. The name found in the bag in last week’s episode. It starts off initially as The Marshals are made by a little boy on a bike calling them perverts. We find out this is the Truth family who are basically a bunch of gun touting, government hating, and frankly dirty hicks so to speak.

For a show that can show off some grim violence it’s this type of lighthearted, and frankly hilarious sequence that makes Justified so enjoyable. Mrs Truth’s story about how she and her husband met happens to the funniest line of the episode. The initial set up before this was quite entertaining as well. Between Art describing what his job is like to a man who apparently is trying to take his job (what a douche?) to Art and Tim commenting on Raylan being tired all the time.

As for the story we are being led further down the rabbit hole. We’ve now discovered that Art was there to open up the case that we saw in the opening of the season premiere. This is the first time Justified has tried a story that is more like moving puzzle pieces and so far so good. It’s been given enough wait by the sheer premise that Arlo was willing to kill someone while being in jail for it and more importantly that it might be some sort of criminal underworld myth. Especially given the fact that Wynn Duffy knows about it also, but is the first to drop the news to Boyd, which is somewhat odd given his relationship with Arlo after last season. It does however look like it is going to end up like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow type deal for our criminals, sort of what we got last year minus all the mystery in the first few episodes. Hopefully the season is more about putting these pieces together and less about the hunt for a stash of money again.


Another one of my favorite scenes in this episode was with Boyd and preacher Billy. I was wondering if they would bring up the part where Boyd of course had his own born again Christian phase, and I was thrilled with how they did it. Preacher Billy and Boyd basically had a quote off with different quips from the bible. On one hand forcing Preacher Billy to play a card that further cemented Boyd’s clientele to turn to religion, and on the other showing Boyd that it’s not the preacher running things after all. The notion that the sister is behind it all was sort of hinted at when Ella Mae went to see the preacher. It still remains to be seen how nefarious the two siblings are, but I like any addition to the show that lets Boyd flex his intellectual wit in terms of verbal comebacks.

Boyd and Ava are hitting some struggles with their criminal enterprise. Their clientele is being hurt by the preacher and to Boyd another source might also be at play here. So when his old buddy Colt (Boyd’s friend from the season premiere) points out a heroine dealer on Boyd’s turf; he makes a play to create a partnership with Wynn Duffy (the dealer’s boss). Duffy however not needing a business partner ends up shooting the dealer dead for being stupid enough to deal on Boyd’s turf. While the verbal exchange was fun to watch, the real important factor again is where he mentions that Arlo killed someone in prison, bringing Boyd into the main plot line as well. Setting up what should be a pretty interesting couple of show downs between Raylan and Boyd.

There was also a new addition to the show in Randal. Who is the husband (ex-husband?) of Raylan’s bartender girlfriend Lindsey. I found his introduction on the show to be a little off, but ultimately effective. We see his initial meet with Raylan as some tough guy who barges in and takes a Beer on the house from Raylan, and then in a sort of backyard UFC type deal. Randal from the looks of him is a battle tested man with what seems like a short fuse. So I am interested to see how they use him this season.


To finish up I want to focus on Raylan. We know that Winona’s pregnancy is moving a long still, and Raylan is trying to save up money for his future child. We know he’s also doing a lot of side jobs he is not supposed to be doing as a US Marshal. He’s got a lot on his plate, and I’d like to know a little bit more where he is at mentally. At the end of last season we were left with a devastated Raylan. Who in spite of all of Arlo’s short comings at least expected that Arlo wouldn’t even consider shooting Raylan in cold blood. He’s lost Winona to an extent, and now has to deal with Lindsey and her husband (ex-husband?). I want something that deals with where Raylan is at, and I feel as if it should be coming up in one of the next few episodes.

So at the end of Where’s Waldo we are being led further down the rabbit hole. We know there is a Waldo Truth, a bag in a wall, and a man who was dropped out of the sky. We know Art has some history with this case, and thanks to the always awesome Jim Beaver we know that Harlan County has a huge drug issue that a preacher like Billy is welcomed with open arms. Justified has presented us with a gritty and believable take on Kentucky all along. Where our grim little rabbit hole takes should hopefully make this another excellent season for Justified. Cheers to the new season.