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Justified – Truth and Consequences Review


Premature? That’s the word that’s been running through my head after watching Truth and Consequences. Specifically, it runs through my mind when thinking of what happens to Billy. He has been presented as an interesting foil for Boyd, and just last week we learned that his sister was the puppet master. In the episode’s opening we learn how exactly she pulls the strings and how she gets money from those she has a negative effect on.

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Homeland Season 2 Review

The sophomore slump is certainly not a new concept. We’ve seen constant examples of it in sports, even when we were in high school or college and it’s certainly no stranger to television. There are plenty of TV shows that were wonderful their initial season, purely because they were better thought out in terms of building a foundation. When that second season rolls by, you end up realizing that the writers never really thought that far. Yet, with the first half of its second season Homeland looked like it was well on its way to crushing any doubters about a sophomore slump.

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GUFUyourself Brocast – January 2013 Edition

The GUFUyourself Brocast Crew is back with a new episode, this one centered around the military shooter that bucks military shooter tropes, Spec Ops: The Line. Be warned! There are major spoilers for that game in this podcast and if you haven’t played the game and really care about the storyline and narrative (and you should, because it’s pretty amazing stuff), you should abstain from listening to this episode of the Brocast. Other than that, we discuss games we’ve been playing recently such as The Witcher 2, Hotline Miami and others!

So join me (Justin), Phil, a newcomer in William Borger and as always, your host, Gagan for this episode of the GUFUyourself Brocast!



Justified – Where’s Waldo Review

Hello everyone. I’m gonna be doing more episodic reviews of TV shows I’ll be watching this year, and Justified will be one of them. I wanted to do one for the season premiere, but I couldn’t do that due to being in a car wreck. Wonderful. So while I will focus specifically on Where’s Waldo, I will probably comment on things they started in the season premiere.

Where’s Waldo will be remembered for a handful of really good scenes, specifically the one dealing with the truths. Art and Tim (who weren’t in the season premiere) would join Raylan as the started searching for one Waldo Truth. The name found in the bag in last week’s episode. It starts off initially as The Marshals are made by a little boy on a bike calling them perverts. We find out this is the Truth family who are basically a bunch of gun touting, government hating, and frankly dirty hicks so to speak.

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Spec Ops: The Blurred Line

Spoiler Warning: There are minor spoilers for Spec Ops: The Line in this post as it pertains to the game’s tone and plot progression. No specific story points are mentioned.

You know, I never would’ve thought a shooter would be the source of one of the best storytelling experiences I’ve seen in a game. I thought Adventure games and RPGs had the best storytelling ability, what with the writers having potentially less interactivity from the player to work around but…I guess I was wrong.

But it seems fitting that a shooter would be used to show us the darker side of war, the side none of us thinks much about as we play them. After all, they’re just games, right? I’m only shooting bits of code designed to look like people, not actual people…right? I shouldn’t care about them…should I? These seem like odd questions to be asking, especially about a game that’s definitely a game…unless it isn’t. Perhaps it’s a riveting journey into the human psyche, showcasing the effects of combat on a soldier’s mind.

One soldier in particular. His name is Captain Walker. You are him. He is you. You’ll both see the war in different ways, him, through his own eyes and you…from just over his shoulder. This is Spec Ops: The Line. Be sure to enjoy yourself.

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Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Review

Spoiler Warning: This review will contain spoilers of the 5th season of Sons of Anarchy.


The 5th season of Sons of Anarchy will be remembered for a myriad of entertaining moments. There was a horrifying scene where Tiggs watched his daughter burned alive, a comical scene with Walter Goggins playing a transsexual prostitute and even a rather friendly fist fight between two stubborn Irishmen. But the defining scene that would cause the largest impact both for the audience, and our protagonist Jax Teller was the death of Opie.

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