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Review – Forza Horizon (Xbox 360)

At a Glance: Forza Horizon branches off from its motorsport roots, becoming a great open world racing experience in the process that is perhaps held back from true excellence by a short single player mode and pared down multiplayer but still ends up being one heck of a fun ride.

The annual Horizon festival has returned to Colorado, its siren song luring lovers and racers of cars the world over. For three days, racers take to the streets of Colorado to show off their talents and compete for a coveted spot in the Horizon finals. While some games like Need for Speed have eschewed the underground racing culture seen (or parodied) in the Fast and Furious films and Project Gotham Racing has taken to going for balls out style and flash merged with civilized circuit races, Forza Horizon is a little of everything, plopping you in an open world and letting you explore, serenaded by Avicii and his contemporaries.

Okay, maybe “serenaded” was a poor choice of words…

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GUFUyourself Brocast – Apocalypse/Holiday 2012 Edition

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The GUFUyourself Podcast Crew is back with an end of the year (possibly the end of the world?) edition of our GUFUyourself Brocast. In this edition, we discuss Far Cry 3, the Spike VGA Awards (and the Game of the Year award winner, The Walking Dead), our holiday gaming plans, our favorite and most disappointing games of the year as well as THQ and their recent filing for bankruptcy.

So join Justin, Tomas, Chris, Phil and our host, Gagan for an hour of spirited and high class entertainment. Just kidding…especially after the first few seconds of the podcast.

Ah yes, and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

And yes, we’re fully aware that the world didn’t end as the Mayans predicted.


Review – Halo 4 (Xbox 360)

At a Glance: 343 Industries has shown that the Halo series is in good hands with a great campaign, tried and true multiplayer and some excellent visuals but may prove a bit too familiar to long time series fans.

Following the end of one trilogy, we have the beginning of another. For four long years, the Master Chief and his AI companion, Cortana, have been stranded in space, separated from humanity and everything they know. But not for much longer, as there’s a new threat looming on the horizon and the Master Chief is pulled from his impromptu retirement back into the fray once again. But this time, instead of Bungie, the creators of the Halo franchise at the helm, there’s a new kid behind the wheel. 343 Industries, the new studio dedicated to all things Halo since Bungie partnered up with Activision, has the chance to prove they have what it takes to handle one of the most recognizable and critically acclaimed franchises in gaming. Continue reading


Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Review

Spoiler Warning: This review will contain some major spoilers for Boardwalk Empire’s 2nd and 3rd season.

Boardwalk Empire came into its third season needing to fill a void after the season 2 finale. With Jimmy gone there was now an opening for another character to take a more prominent role in the shows main story lines. After all this show had plenty of fascinating characters it could fill that gap with. It had the rise of Al Capone, the sympathetic yet equally horrifying Richard Harrow, and the always brilliant Michael Kenneth Williams as Chalky White. But the show instead went the route of bringing in a new adversary for Nucky, and a host of unsatisfying story lines for Margaret, all the while struggling to bring us anything meaningful for the more interesting characters. Save Richard Harrow’s love interest in the second half of the season.

It ultimately gave us the most uneven season of Boardwalk to date, and exposed a major weakness for the show. At this point it has far too many characters than it actually wants to develop. Boardwalk has always chosen to be a slow burn, and properly build up its violence, but this season it came at the cost of pacing. With a middle stretch of episodes that felt like filler and set up, than anything that was actually driving the drama forward. Luckily the finale stretch of the season gave us a proper payoff for all the slow build up, typing up on all the themes that defined this season.

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