Monthly Archive: November 2011

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Review – 13 Assassins (2010)

It’s impossible not to compare Takashi Miike’s samurai action picture “13 Assassins” with Akira Kurosawa’s legendary “Seven Samurai” It’s clear throughout the film that Miike pays his respects to what is arguably the best samurai...

Review – Rashomon (1950) 0

Review – Rashomon (1950)

Simply put, Akira Kurosawa is the best-known Japanese director of all-time. His influence and prestige is known to most people with even the smallest interest in film. Even if you have no prior knowledge of...

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Review – The Muppets (2011)

When I first heard there was a new Muppets film in the works, I admit I wasn’t too optimistic. I grew up with Jim Henson’s lovable puppets and they hold a special place in my...