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Nintendo planning to appear at LA Auto Show?

Seemingly not content with having press conferences in September and October, Nintendo are apparently planning another one for November.

Obtained by MotorWorldHype, a schedule email for the LA Auto Show reveals a time slot for a Nintendo press conference, penciled in for a 25 minute appearance from 12:10pm.

The company have yet to confirm or deny any appearance, but with a video game company potentially appearing at the same event as esteemed car manufacturers, such as Ford, Honda and Lotus, speculation is rife.

Whilst it is possible that Nintendo could announce some form of in-car entertainment collaboration, is it possible that we could hear news of a GT/Forza rival in the works for the upcoming Wii U?

With Sony and Microsoft having commercial/critical success with driving game franchises, ¬†and Nintendo’s aim to win back the “core” market with their next home console – who knows what the veteran company has planned.

All will (maybe) be revealed when the LA Auto Show kicks off on November 17th.

System Wars Magazine: Fall

It’s here! The second issue of System Wars Magazine (Print edition)


Be sure to check it out, available in PDF and in print. Please be aware this a non-profit magazine any money you spend purchasing a magazine is directly correlated to production and shipping costs, we print through a third party vendor for ease of shipping around the world and so you can see we are not charging you anything aside the creation of the magazine.


PDF Link: (Ilink) *Temporary until it’s uploaded elsewhere*

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