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Battlefield 3 Beta Bugged Down

Now, let’s get one thing straight before I begin: Battlefield 3 is a fine game indeed, with solid shooting mechanics and fun squad based gameplay – when it works.

Unfortunately for many players of the newly released open beta, it simply hasn’t been working. Internet forums have been flooded with complaints about horrific bugs ranging from graphical glitches to full on crashes, and amongst the praise of the action there has been an outpouring of disappointment with the state of it’s release.

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Amazon Has Just Cornered the Market

The oft-rumored and long-awaited Kindle Fire 7” Android-powered tablet was revealed today at their press and media event and will retail for $199. With the Kindle Fire, Amazon has done what Samsung, Motorola, RIM, HP and so many others have failed to do. They’ve created the first truly successful non-iPad tablet…and it hasn’t even hit the market yet.

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GUFU Late Nite Show – Good Bye Edition

The GUFU Late Nite Show has had a great run but, as with all good things, it must eventually come to an end. This marks the final edition of the GUFU Late Nite Show, but don’t fret! The GUFU Late Nite Show may be riding off into the sunset but it will be reborn as the GUFUyourself…Podcast (title subject to change without notice)! On this episode of the GUFU Late Nite Show, the GUFU Podcast Crew discusses Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Catherine, inFAMOUS 2 and the Nintendo 3DS. So join TheGame21x, jg4xchamp, Lafigueroa, Sonicmj1 and a token youngster, Skinny_Man_69 for the final GUFU Late Nite Show. You’ll never forget it!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive played – Eurogamer Expo

The latest entry in the long established Counter Strike franchise was announced by Valve in August. Produced in tandem with developers Hidden Path Entertainment, CS:GO focuses on tight 5v5 gameplay, hoping to propel an already popular series even further, by releasing on XBLA and PSN alongside Steam.

In it’s most recent public appearance, the title was playable at Eurogamer Expo 2011 in London, and I was on hand to give it a try. Valve only had the PS3 version on offer, but it was more than enough to get a taste of the meaty shooting action coming to systems in 2012.

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My Xbox Live Account was Hacked and Now I’m Disgruntled with Microsoft

I admit it. Of all the consoles this generation, the 360 is my favorite. I prefer its exclusives over those on competing consoles, I think the Xbox 360 controller is the most comfortable ever made, far outclassing Sony’s DualShock 3, and I prefer the ease of use and features of Xbox Live to the competition. But, I am also well aware of the Xbox 360’s failings, such as Microsoft’s abandonment of the core market in favor of positioning Kinect front and center of its development and marketing focus, the lack of first party exclusives outside of Kinect titles, Forza Motorsport and annual Halo releases, the hardware issues, which are just about gone now but were still a significant problem throughout the first few years of its life and the Xbox Live fees…which actually has a lot to do with what I’m writing about today.

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Blip – Nintendo Adding 3D Video Capture to the 3DS

Among other upgrades including one for the eShop, Nintendo announced tonight that they are going to upgrade the 3DS to allow for 3D video capture. No word on when these updates will be made available but we’ll keep our ears open as TGS marches on all this week.

Source | Engadget